Sometimes we keep the wrong people around us because we are too sympathetic to see that they are our household enemies not knowing that most of the people we keep in our lives do not have our good interest at heart. Its important we restrict certain people from being too close to us, only give people who deserve it to have free access to you.

       In destiny it is detrimental to be sentimental. Because of the excess baggage of people who wouldn’t do even half of what you’d do for them we get slowed down on our journey to destiny. Learn to identify and place people where they belong. Cut off people who are dragging you down, irrespective of who they are cut them off and leave them to God. There are natural laws that govern life, don’t sell yourself out because you’re pathetic to cut people to their size. Do not keep people around you whose presence is detrimental to your lifting, cut them off now…


  • by Samson Okama
    Posted 25 — 11

    papa more grace i love you more

  • by Pastor jephtah
    Posted 25 — 11

    God bless you Papa for the eyes opening, l refuse to be foolish again.

  • by Ntsebo
    Posted 26 — 11


    Posted 27 — 11

    Dad you are Gift to our Generation. May the Good God Preserve you, house hold, junior pastors around the world and Omega family world wide.

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