Destiny begins as a desire. But with the effect of passion it becomes a decision.  Every human is entitled to have a desire. You can desire and aspire to be anything in life but you need the hand of GOD to be upon you. When the hand of God is upon you, you are empowered to do exploit. The only cheap thing about success is the thought of it. The pursuit of every decision is always a battle you must fight. To have a colorful destiny has to commutate into decision.

         The day you make up your mind to have a great and envious destiny you must be ready to fight for it because a quality destiny is on the premise of quality decision. Life always gives us choices but what you make out of those choices becomes your decision. Life is a battle and you must be ready to make a decision and face your struggles head-on.

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  • by Ntsebo Hlalele
    Posted 18 — 10

    Action is what i needed. I am ready to be used by my Saviour and have impacted. I am humbled now. Nothong but the will of God.My destiny must manifest now.
    There are people who follow me from my work place and wait for me at church. My prayer is that the Lord intervenes. I dont want them to delay manifeatation of destiny. God has been good to me. I love Him unreservedly.

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