If You Feel Your Life Is So Peaceful and You Don’t Have Any Enemy after Your Life Then, You’re A Nobody. If You Have an Uncommon Destiny you’ll Have Uncommon Enemy.  God Has Made Us To Be A Kingdom And Priests; It Is The Desire Of God That We Should Reign On Earth. You Must Operate And Walk In Dominion Because The Heavenly Father Has Said So. But You Must Understand That You Must Be Ready To Confront The Devil In Your Life. You Need To Understand That In Life Enemies Are Normal In Destiny.

Only Ripe Mangoes Attract Stones.

        The Devil Only Goes After People That Have A Great Future. But There Is Hope For Us The Children Of God Because God Has Given Us The Authority To Tread On Serpents And Scorpions, And Over All The Power Of The Enemy, And Nothing Shall By Any Means Hurt Us.

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