The power of prayers cannot be over emphasized as It remains the pillar that holds and sustains human existence.

Praying without ceasing empowers speedy answers and energizes the giant in you, for if there is a man to pray there is a God to answer.  When you pray, you dispatch angels to work for quick divine answers . If prayers were not made by the church unto God for Peter, he would have ended up like James, then Herod would have continued in using the lives of notable men in the church to please the Jews.

The devil do not stop until prayers are made.

Consider the damage, destruction, pain, delay and the souls that are being wasted daily because you did not pray.

When you pray, things turn around, its time to take your place in the place of prayer. Its time to involve God..


  • by Judith Kennedy
    Posted 21 — 10

    Very insightful

  • by Tewoh Karimu
    Posted 21 — 10

    More grace papa🙏

  • by Maungo Gosego Musakanya
    Posted 22 — 10

    More Grace Sir, I connect to the grace. Amen

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