Manual To Activating Miracles

Many believer stands on the scripture that says ask and it shall be given unto you, and they keep requesting for a miracle and nothings is forthcoming because of that people feel depressed.

But we need to understand that you must be pure and mature enough for the miracle you’re asking God for because, for every addition there is a condition attached to it. That is why no matter how many times you ask for that miracle, you won’t get it if you’ve not met the requirements of the kingdom.

    For every plus there is a clause, you must check your life and screen yourself to be sure you’re walking right in the kingdom.

 Some Christians become committed in church only when they have a need from God to meet not knowing that God answers the prayers of people who genuinely love and fear him.

You must understand that it is your love, faithfulness and fear of God that’ll trigger your expected miracle.


  • by Ikahos
    Posted 26 — 11

    Great Grace

  • by Ikahos
    Posted 26 — 11

    I want total healing in my entire body; a provision of employment and helping me to know Him(Jesus) the more

  • by Chrisgreat
    Posted 26 — 11

    You’re just right sir,,,I know dx like I know my name.

  • by GODWIN Bansah
    Posted 26 — 11

    Love this

  • by Jane Nyaboke
    Posted 27 — 11

    Jesus is Lord!!

  • by Success Odion
    Posted 27 — 11

    More Grace daddy

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