The role of money in every life and economy can never be over emphasized as it is most paramount in all spheres. 

Money gives you purchasing power and bargaining strength but ignorance makes many fail to realize there are things money still cannot do as such goes extra mile getting it, not minding what it will cost them  forgetting money cannot always offer corresponding pleasure.

A time comes in a man’s life where economic and financial power cannot give the desired expectations.

     When money is your priority then working in the kingdom will become a struggle. When God’s hand is not in your riches you cannot enter the kingdom of God. Never set your heart on riches.

      How you treat and handle money reveals the real you . If you want to know the real identity of a man, their response to money shows it. God wants you to have money but God doesn’t want money to have you.   When God becomes your source, riches accompanied with peace is secured for you. Seek God first and every other thing will be added to it

     Never be ignorant of the essence of money. Your wealth should be a blessing to the poor, Your immediate family, those around you, and your community.

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  • by David Masika
    Posted 13 — 10

    I honor the grace God has blessed with papa, he is a voice i would love to listen to every minute…more oil and grace.

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