“Prayer Without Content Is Not Potent” – Apostle Suleman

God is a principled God, until you begin to understand the resultant of godly principles, your walk with him becomes questionable and your security becomes porous.

Prayers will continue to remain potent when you embark on steady divine conversation with accurate and well defined  purpose. That over the years we have learnt from the Restoration Apostle Johnson Suleman. He is known for his ever daring, result provoking, demon destroying prayer life style.  The virtue of his prayer life birthed the yearly prayer meeting that holds at the international worship centre in Auchi Edo State every September, organized for the benefit of all that desire a change.

September to remember 2020 is geared towards praying until something happens and that’s exactly what Gods servant is doing as he has taken it upon himself to teach us to pray through dimensions knowing too well  that he who knows God well, prays well and when you pray well as you age, you increase in all areas of life and live fulfilled.

Anything that happens in life happens on a location so,  if you must get answers  you must understand the anointing that controls location and environment with strategic knowledge of using the right words for it is the prayers that carries words to heaven that  defines your strong reasons to God.

Without prayer, your life remain a parable, a verbal experiment and a statement of mockery. Those that pray are men, those that complain are children.  It takes maturity to be addicted to prayer even when things remain the same. That’s why only men who prays can make bold statement of ‘OH GOD,  ANSWER ME AND LET ME REST’.


  • by Pastor Samuel Orok
    Posted 4 — 10

    I thank God for what he has given to this generation in the person of the Restoration Apostle, Johnson Suleman. He is always on point and accurate in the delivery of the undiluted word of God. I am always blessed with the ministration of my father, apostle Johnson Suleman.

  • by Ezeoha Ikechukwu
    Posted 8 — 10

    Continuously seeking the face of God and remaining in His glorious presence is my earnest desire.

    • by Shmirah
      Posted 24 — 10

      I am a pastors wife from uganda. Apostle your words are a blessing,I have been following you each time I get chance.
      There is a time I used not to believe in Devine connection untill I prayed along this man of God. I recieved help in lockdown from sources not very much known. May the Lord bless you

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