Pull Out From Your Past!

The greatest mistake a man will ever make in life is to fall for the trick of the devil by thinking you were doing better living in previous times. Often times we tend to be enslaved to our past. Looking behind and living in the past slows your speed in life and hinders you from birthing your full potential.  You must kill the spirit of looking behind. Your success is not in your yesterday rather, it is in your future.  When you have set goal looking behind will only slow you down from fulfilling your dream. Sometimes people sound as if they miss their old life but the sad truth is, if your past was so good you would’ve remained there. God cannot make moves in your life without your faith.

 You can never go forward while looking backward.  Lots wife turned to a pillar of salt because she disobeyed the instruction the angel of God gave when she looked behind.

        Set your priorities right and let the past remain in the past, let God order your steps and lead you to our promise land because anything behind is valueless.

 Never look behind, begin to walk in God’s divine wisdom, you will surely begin to experience a great measure of wholeness and greater works in your life.


  • by Nyaradzo Manhanga
    Posted 1 — 10

    Thank you very much Sir. I receive the Grace to always look forward in life. More Grace.

  • by Blessing Eseagwu
    Posted 1 — 10

    Amen And Amen

  • by Evenly
    Posted 1 — 10

    I need a total deliverance

  • by Evangelist Uk Emma Favour
    Posted 1 — 10

    More grace Sir , l have learn something from here , God bless you..

  • by Reinhard Tewuh Mbanwie
    Posted 2 — 10

    Awesome teachings From my father my icon. Nothing has ever blessed Me like the Grace of God on Papa’s life

  • by Ekemini hilary
    Posted 11 — 11

    Am bless sir more grace

  • by Bong cyril
    Posted 27 — 11

    Always a blessing tunning into celebration TV

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