Recognizing Your Solution

Your potential is not what you have done but what you’re capable of doing. In life, if you focus on things you have you’ll become proud, but if you focus on the things you’re yet to get you’ll remain humble.

Always have in mind that whatever you have attained in life is by privilege, never become so full of yourself. Humility is one of the ingredients of greatness. Your answer might be by you the whole time but because of a bad character, you’ll end up fighting your answer. Don’t fight your answer just because it didn’t come the way you’re expecting. Be careful of your actions because generations may suffer.

Sometimes when you identify your answer some people will think you’re being foolish ignore them as long as you know that’s your channel to greatness ignore what other people that don’t understand your aim think.

        As long as you’re a victim of emotions you become a candidate of manipulation. Never compare yourself with people, when that begins to happen it means you’re unconsciously under manipulation.

Manipulation makes you focus on your feelings and ignore your future despite the great things you’ll loose. Before you take any major step think of the past, present and future because manipulation can make you teach who you should learn from. For 40 days the children of Israel were crying because of goliath and the stone that killed him was right beside them all the while. David had a spiritual vision that’s why he was able to bring down goliath. When your spiritual eyes are opened you can never be manipulated.

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