The Search For Your THRONE – AJS

When a man is focused and searching for something of great importance, he is bound to see many other irrelevant things in form of side attraction that could lead to distraction. Only the determined Live life with the mentality of a search.

A lot of people have lost their God ordained throne as a result of distraction and today they don’t have the courage to find the missing throne.

Any man that must fulfill destiny in life must live with a burden, a resilient restlessness to fulfill destiny. Vision empowered by burden is called vision, when vision meets passion it’s called mission and its only your mission that can take you to your mansion.

For it is only when you find your throne and fulfill your destiny you’ll find true peace.

May God empower you to find your true destiny…

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  • by Asumpta Nchefu
    Posted 27 — 10

    Amén. I pray God gives me the grace thanks much Daddy for this eye opening messages they are so wonderful. More grace Sir

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