For every destiny journey, there is a price to pay. If you must get to your destination fast,you must lay aside every weight capable of slowing your speed as it requires you to be constantly up and doing. Those that love sleep shall come to poverty as it is one of the major tool the devil uses systematically to slow down destiny cautious people.

Sleep is a terminator and a destroyer of destiny.

Sleep is a weight that weighs u down from achieving your success and slow your speed to retardation because it utters your time and attention.

No wonder people have lost passion for spiritual things and carriers, struggling with all kinds of habits not knowing they are dying gradually.

Amongst the nine gifts of the spirit, there is no gift of sleep. Just a little sleep lands you into abject penury.

Any man that has excessive spirit of sleep has a loop hole in his spiritual life.

Say no to sleep and enter your rest speedily.


  • by Manuel
    Posted 5 — 10

    Thank you Sir.

  • by Atotse Aondoungwa
    Posted 7 — 10


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