The problem in life is not about wealth or poverty, it’s the extremity that accompanies it, so it is with success as it is not tied to its emergence only but,  the way you manage it.

Even Good things have negative effects. No matter how good it is, if it’s not regulated, it can destroy you. What you do with your cars and affluence matters. Money speaks, extremity becomes the problem when what God has given you now carries you away from him.

That is why  the very good things people  prayed for ended up destroying them especially when they are now feeling on top of the world forgetting their source (God)  which automatically means you are sharing God’s glory and since God  doesn’t share his glory with any man, he takes it out from you.

Always remember to be cautious of your source and maintain sanity, for  Whatever you are today, somebody has been there before.

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  • by God favorite
    Posted 20 — 11

    Thank u father for this wisdom

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