The Only One Corner Of The Universe You Can Certainly Improve Is Your Own Self.

God’s Expressive Ability With Man And How He Guards And Relates With Man Are In Two Dimensions. Which Are Thoughts And Ways. Understanding The Mystery Of Thought And Ways Is Very Paramount Because It’s The Concept That Determines The Progression.  God Relates With Man Through Thinking And His Master Plan.

      Before Any Idea Is Brought To Life It Must Have Been Imagined First. God Has Given Us The Greatest Nation Which Is The Nation Of The Mind Where Important And Great Decisions Are Carefully Thought Out And Life Changing Ideas Birthed. It Is The Thoughts You Have That Determines Your Process Through Life. God Already Has Positive Thoughts And A Plan For You, All You Have To Do Is Align Yourself With His Divine Purpose.

Always Think Positive To Attract Positive Results.

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