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  • by AniekanAbasi Daniel
    Posted 29 — 10

    I am here to give God the glory for the amazing acts He did for me through the life of papa, I was a slave to the sin of pornography and it seriously affected my health, I would feel drained out each time I watched it and will occasionally masturbate then, I will also be very sick with asthma and asthenia. But on a faithful day as God will have it after crying to God for help and Him having mercy on me He showed up. I had a revelation and in that revelation I saw papa Apsostle Johnson suleiman cast out something that was planted in me, the cause of the wantoness of pornography and the other causes of sicknesses of which included rheumatoid arthritis as the real symptoms of the asthenia as earlier mention, then I awoke from that revelation and the drive to watch pornography ceased completely and since then I have been a total new man by the Spirit of the most high God through His grace upon our papa am here to return all the glory to God for saving me, am seriously a happy man now!!! . Thankyou Jesus for victory

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