Vital Things Boasters Must Know!

Life is governed by laws, you cannot go against the principles of life and expect your world to produce for you.

Firstly, understand that you’re not the first to attain any height, there are and will always be people that’ll have more than you ever will. Secondly, understand that God is angry at you because God resists the proud. You automatically attract the wrath of God when you’re a boaster. Thirdly, every boaster must know that whatever you have in this world you did not come with it and you will not leave with it.

Lastly, if you’re a boaster you must understand that people are angry at you, nobody wants to identify with persons who make others feel little.

When a person boasts, you constantly make yourself a target because of ignorance. People get irritated by proud people.

       Pride goes before a fall. When you boast it scares people away including those who should help you. Pride and arrogance makes people teach who they ought to learn from.

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