Love God Unconditionally!

       The most potent attribute of divinity is love. Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely.

  For you to get to a point where you don’t get consumed by the things you need, you must Follow God on the platform of your love for Him and not because you have a demand you want to be met.

When you get to a point when your following God is rooted in the love you have for him, before you ask for anything God supplies. Whatever happens in your life, if you can swallow it up with happiness you’ll overcome it.

Worry not, just love God without complains.


  • by Ntsebo Hlalele
    Posted 17 — 10

    I humbly request the Lord to help me love unconditionally.

    He has done so much for me. I just have to do it automatically. Even when it is difficult he would be thereto sustain you. I have nowhere elseto go except to Hm

  • by paul
    Posted 17 — 10

    thank you very much my father for your encouragement i have learn something

  • by Ntsebo Hlalele
    Posted 19 — 10

    This issue about big dreams is enlightening. I am excited and i am going to plan big projects. This is justtoo powerful. I am blessed.

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